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About me

It's great to meet you!

With more than 15 years of experience, I am a longtime writer and communications professional with a passion for building community and bringing people together. I believe any organization or publication should put people first, and I aim to infuse that in all of my work through storytelling and an authentic voice. 

I began my career as a daily newspaper's features writer and reporter. It was a role that allowed me to meet interesting people every day and shine a light on parts of life that might not otherwise have a platform -- from people's hobbies to heartaches, and everything in between. It also brought a fair share of adventures, from covering tornados to bank robberies and even "Balloon Boy." 

I continued serving the community when I joined the Communications team at Denver Public Schools, where I spent more than 10 years -- eight of which as the Director of Internal Communications. My role was centered around ensuring all 15,000 employees were informed, engaged and feeling valued, and building an organization-wide sense of team. To do that, my team and I used a variety of approaches and platforms, including through e-newsletters, executive communications, launching an intranet, recognition programs, contests, surveys, videos, large-scale events and remote opportunities. This role also came with its own unexpected experiences, as I led internal communications through the 2019 Denver teacher strike and COVID-19 crisis. 

Outside of my career, I am a proud mom of two girls who keep me and my husband laughing every day. We love exploring, and get into the beautiful Colorado outdoors or hop a plane out-of-state or abroad whenever we can. You may also find me at a local concert, with a Colorado craft beer in hand.

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