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"The Commons"


The organization needed a place to house employee-facing information, and support it’s evolving culture and sense of team.


The solution started with a slew of questions, interviews, focus groups and research. After more questions, planning, design work (and even a naming contest), “The Commons” launched as Denver Public Schools’ first intranet -- a custom-built site housed on a CMS platform. It’s easy-to-use backend made it ideal for departments to build and maintain their own pages within the site. On the user side, the interface was simple and intuitive, with plenty of opportunities for pictures. After leading the launch, I continued to grow the intranet, overseeing its architecture, branding and strategy.


The Commons receives nearly 2 million visits a year. It was awarded COSPRA Excellence Award for an Intranet Website, and continues to serve as the place it was promised to be: “Where Team DPS clicks to connect.” Oh, and ask me about the time it was accidentally deleted … and how we got creative to rebuild it better than ever.



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